Enjoy Beautiful Sunset on Parangtritis Beach in Bantul

Parangtritis is the best tourist attraction to enjoy the sunset while having fun conquer sand dune with ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) or down the beach with a gig in a romantic evening. Parangtritis Beach is located in Bantul Regency or 27 km to the south of Yogyakarta and easy to reach by public transportation or private vehicles. On afternoon before sunset is the best time to visit the most popular beach in Yogyakarta. But if you arrive more quickly, you can go up to the cliffs of Gembirawati behind this beach. From there we could see the entire area Parangtritis, the South Sea, up to the horizon.

You can enjoy the beautiful sunset and sun rising in Parangtritis. It will make you miss those parts when you are leaving Parangtritis. Quite large crowds of mainly local tourists visit Parangtritis over weekends and at holidays. Often small ponies or horse-drawn carts can be hired for rides along the beach. Tourists also visit some of the various caves and springs in the cliffs and hills near Parangtritis, such as the Gua Tapan cave and the Beji spring, which are quite close to the beach.


Parangtritis is sometimes said to be a place to meet the legendary Nyai Loro Kidul (also known as Ratu Kidul) or ‘Queen of the South’. Local folklore warns visitors not to wear green clothes or the Ratu Kidul is likely to try to entice the wearer into the ocean to drown.

The beach is not really a good swimming beach. Drownings are unfortunately not uncommon at Parangtritis, partly because many Indonesians have never had the opportunity to learn to swim and partly because channels, strong rips and sizable waves often occur off the beach.


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