Enchantment of the East Pacific Islands Coast

 In the past, people only know Belitung Island as a region producing goods such as tin mining, quartz sand, and kaolin.  Mine the source of wealth behind it, the island is divided into two districts are saving natural charm as ideal tourist destinations.

Travel Club the opportunity to catch from near the beautiful beach in East Belitung province.  Crystal clear sea water and the foam is intertwined with soft white sand beach, a string of poems that lull. Green trees adorn the banks of beaches. For those of you who loved photography every corner of the region Beltim offer objects that must be perpetuated.  Here’s Travel Club present some beautiful beaches along the District Laskar Pelangi.

Serdang Beach
Located in District Manggar, white and smooth sand beach, rows of pine trees mengiasi side of this beach. With characteristic calm waves, Serdang beach is very suitable as a tourist attraction for families. In addition to enjoying the fresh water swimming beach, other activities that can be done is to snorkel while enjoying the natural beauty under the water at this beach.

Beach Nyiur wave

The beach is one is still in District Manggar, precisely located in the Village Lalang. Green trees around the shoreline is like a giant umbrella that provides shade for every visitor.  With a very quiet beach waves, Coast Nyiur waved a favorite destination of tourists.

This beach area is one tourist destination that has been equipped with support facilities and is the leading destination East Belitung province.  On weekends, this beach area to the public purposes of the City and surrounding areas for belibur Manggar. Some sports facilities such as futsal and beach volleyball court is also available here.

Sacred Beach
Located adjacent to the beach Nyiur Metambai.  However, this beach does not have a sloping beach with sand like a neighbor.  Contours of the terrain at the edge of a steep inclined beach Keramat.The beach is very suitable as a place to relax enjoy the blue sea water from a height.

Some permanent saung already built in this coastal region as a place to relax. Not difficult to reach this area, just five minutes drive from downtown Manggar. From this beach area visitors can see the beach waving Nyiur clearly.

Batu Bukit Pantai Batu
With typical of large rocks that decorate the shoreline make this beach called Beach Hill stone.  Piles of stone on the edge until the middle of it was as a liaison between the water with sand on the beach. The uniqueness of this quiet beach also have current has attracted the hearts of many enthusiasts of photography captures the natural beauty of Bukit Batu. Bukit Batu Bird Bath in the Village about 18 km from City Manggar. To reach this beach trip only takes about 25 minutes.

Bird Bath Beach
This beach is about 18 km from the capital of the East Pacific Islands white sand spread out lengthwise. Fishing boats that rely dibibir add elegance panoramic coastal beaches.  In addition to many tourists who want to go swimming, making people Beltim Bird Bath Beach as the location of fishing. This beach has been equipped with tourist facilities that are relatively complete.

Punai Beach
This beautiful beach located at the southernmost tip of the island of Belitung. DFrom Manggar City is about 80 km. Sea water with a bluish white sand beach as if offers tranquility for the tourists who visit it. Swaying coconut palms faithful accompany visitors on the banks of the beach. The beach is also decorated with giant granite boulders that stands firmly on the outskirts of the beach.

Source: Magazine Travel Club

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