Embultuk Cave

embultuk_cave.jpgEmbultuk Cave is a natural cave with beautiful stalagmite and stalactite. Embultuk cave is located in Tumpakkepuh village, Bakung district, to the south of Blitar city with a distance of about 40 kilometers. This cave is about 1500 meters long and about 3 meters wide and high.

In full of stalagmite along the length about 1,5 km, you will feel forbear to stay with impressing atmosphere, underground water voice add the natural impression. The visitors have to use ‘petromak’ lamp and double clothes.

Embultuk cave is the only cave in Blitar that presents its unique stalagmite for the visitors. The tour to this cave is crowded of visitors on school holidays, and the road to the cave has been renovated and can be passed by four-wheel vehicles.

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