Elo – Rafting

CitraElo is an official and professional tourism service provider serving specific-interest tourism and training packages, such as whitewater rafting, outdoor games and management training and riverside restaurant. This company has been operating since 1999.
All services are centered at Base Camp CitraElo, a lovely and cozy site surrounded by paddy fields and river, parted from crowd by a-600-m private access. The base camp can be reached by driving from Mendut Temple (5 min), Borobudur Temple (10 min), Magelang City (20 min) and Yogyakarta City (40 min). Base Camp CitraElo is furnished with facilities, such as main lobby, riverside restaurant, sanitary, bungy tower, bungy pool, open spaces, parking area and internal security.
CitraElo arranges whitewater rafting into safe and comfortable tourism packages that suit most everybody, even those with no swimming ability. CitraElo is committed to preserve its Zero-Accident milestone by providing and assuring the use of international-safety-standard gears and equipment which is compulsory to all participants, and assigning well-trained and experienced RiverGuides to escort the trip.

Quoted : http://www.yogyes.com/en/yogyakarta-tourism-object/sport-and-adventure/citra-elo-rafting/

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