South Sulawesi province has various tourism objects, such as natural attractions with mountains and long beaches, marine tour, agro-tour or cultural attraction, including historical tourism, such as Tana Toraja and Polewali Mamasa. All of them are diverse wealth of attractions in South Sulawesi. Barru is one of regencies in South Sulawesi. The regency is located  at the North around 70 Kilometers from Makasar, the capital city of South  Sulawesi. Tourism objects in  Baru Regency, are Dutungan Island, Waesay waterfall, Ujung Batu beach, Kupa beach, Labuangnge beach and Saoraja Lapinceng traditional house. In today’s edition, we will invite you to look at the close look at the beauty of Dutungan. The 9-hectare Island has white sand at outer side. Surrounded by scenery of clear and blue sea, you will feel at home while travelling to Dutungan.

Dutungan island is located at Palanro village, Malusatessi sub-district, Barru regency, South Sulawesi Province. To Dutungan island from Makassar city can be accessed in around three and a half hours with the distance of 132 kilometer. The distance from Barru city is around 20 kilometer. You can start your trip from Makasar city to Barru city by using land transportation. From Ujung Indah dock at Barru city, the trip is continued by using a boat. It takes around 10 until 15 minutes to Dutungan island. This boat only operates from 6 in the morning until 5 pm. While crossing, you will see beautiful scenery. Sea urchins scenery become a special own attraction. The sea urchins form a colony similar to giant thorny flowers. In this island, you get completely the panoramic with all the scenery of clear and blue sea, beauty sand, mangrove forest, the cave, and more. You will feel at home while travelling to Dutungan.

In general, the topography of Dutungan Island is flatland which has hills with slope of 0 to 30 degrees. The flatland is plantation and weeds area, while the hills is forests and homes to kinds of chirping birds. The beach is divided into two areas, white sand area and mangrove forest. Among mangrove trees, there is a cave. According to the local people, the cave was a place to hide and to restore weapons during revolution war. Along the beach of the island, there are around 10 cottages to be rented by visitors.

Arriving on Dutungan island, enjoying clear sea water by swimming, will certainly pleasant activities. You can also do snorkeling while seeing the beauty of coral reefs and various kinds of fish. As it is a small island, you can go around the island for 15 until 20 minutes. When you go around, you can see closely vegetation of Dutungan island, as well as stones with various shapes and sizes. Before the evening comes, visitors can wait for the sunset. 


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