Durian Bido

durian_bido.jpgThere is no other contesting than Durian Bido Wonosalam, for anyone who likes to eat durian. Durian with length form, greenness epidermis and thick kernel had confessed its deliciously with its typical taste.
This Bido Durian would be more enjoy, if we go to the location and pluck the fruit by ourselves, walking around and enjoy the beauty of Wonosalam.
Hence, this Bido type is one of Jombang asset, because it is delicious and if we buy it from the farmer itself, we will get cheap price. This Bido durian can found along the road toward the plantation.
The natural beauty of Wonosalam, yield fruit of durian with typical taste and become a pre-eminent ‘icon’ product in Jombang.
Its market business is wide until to all of Indonesia area, even declared as fruit with a high quality of exports.

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