Drying Island

drying_island.jpgDrying Island is part of the many attractions of Rokan Hilir (rohil). Regions Drying Island is a cluster of islands consisting of several islands, namely Pulau Tekong Golden, Pulau Tekong Simbang, Labuhan Island booth as well as other small islands. The islands contained in this circular Drying Island so the middle is a calm sea. In the north-west monsoon arrived, the waves in the Strait of Malacca is very large so usually fishermen who were fishing the waters around this island refuge Drying in the middle of the island contained Drying calm sea water.

After the storm waves decreases or decreases before the fishermen go out to start the activity of catching fish again. Dry Island has panoramic views and beautiful nature, besides Drying Island is very rich with the sea, beside the turtle-turtle ride to the beach and lay eggs, turtle eggs were kept under a layer of sand-sand beach, this endangered species can lay 100 up to 150 grains each tail.

To increase the number of green turtle populations, the government is engaged in Rokan Hilir penagkaran kepunbahan turtle to prevent the occurrence of this endangered species.

Drying Island area is located approximately 45 miles from the capital of Rokan Hilir, Bagansiapiapi and 45mil from their countries namely Malaysia, while the Province of North Sumatra province which is closest to the island of Drying. In addition Drying Island there are also several other tourism potentials such as Japanese Cave, Beacon Tower, a former human footprints, cistern bone, remnants of the Japanese defense, rock Screen Commander, Marine Park and the golden sandy beach.

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