Dr. Soetomo Monument

Some opinions have been wary that Dr. Soetomo is not coming from Nganjuk, but by the research from his family and relatives have been proof that he was the one who came from Nganjuk. Hence, the monument is build on Ngepeh Village, Loceret district and Nganjuk regency.

Regarding his contributions to the country, on year 1985 the monument starts to build and named as Dr. Soetomo Monument. Hopefully, by this monument, Indonesian next generation will notice and be more concern about Dr. Soetomo’s patriotic and start to persist the nationalism.

At the south side of Dr. Soetomo monument, about 1 km, there are funeral for R. Singowidjojo Family, which are Dr. Soetomo family and relatives. They who buried at this funeral are, R. Singowidjojo (Dr.Soetomo’ Grand Father), R. AY. Soedarmi Soewadjipoetro (Dr.Soetomo’ mother), R. Hardjodipoero (Dr.Soetomo’ uncle and teacher), and many other relatives like Siti Nurjanah, Kyai Bunawi, Sugeng Ari wibowo. While Dr. Soetomo father, R. Soewadjipoetro was buried at Madiun.

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