Diving At Labengki Island, Lasolo Bay – Southeast Sulawesi

Labengki Island is a new paradise of tourist destination at Southeast Sulawesi Province, located at North Konawe, precisely in the Lasolo Bay, District Lasolo, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Labengki island was popularized by Toli Toli – Labengki Volunteers Giant Clam Conservation Team where is the island became one of the conservation area for the Giant Clam which done since 2012. Lebengki Island consists of several large islands and small islands, 5 large island name it Labengki Besar, Labengki Kecil (small), Namira Island, Akila Island and Mauang Island, while the small islands consists about 20 islands that do not have names. The island that has a population is Labengki Kecil and Mauang Island.

Main tribe that inhabited the island is Bajo Tribe as native tribe and some of the Tolaki tribe. There are about 100 head of households on this island with a population of about 400 people, while on the Mauang Island inhabited by 4 head of households with an amount of about 10 people and the main livelihood of the people of Labengki is a fisherman. Total area of Labengki Island is about 15,000 acres where on this area is also as main habitat of Giant Clam or at Indonesia call it “Kima”, its a kind of giant clams that are rare and protected.



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