Diving at Alor Islands, Underwater Paradise in East Nusa Tenggara

Diving in Alor is the best choice for divers in Indonesia. Alor has the beauty of nature that can be seen directly not only on land but also on the beach. It has wonderful underwater scenery. You can find rare fish, beautiful reefs, and marine plants that are so fascinating. Alor is a paradise for divers all over the world. You can see the diversity of marine life. Alor is surrounded by crystal clear sea. In addition, the diving visibility can be up to tens of meters. The sea water is very unique in Alor, you can feel warm temperature in the sea and if you forward a bit you can feel the cold temperature. That is because sea Alor is a meeting point between the two tides.

The underwater beauty of Alor has been witnessed by many divers from various countries in the world. The water temperatures are warm with a cool. Its location between Indonesian and Australian marine, made Alor as a meeting point of unique and magnificent marine life. In the waters around Alor, at least there are more than 60 diving points with 20 of them qualified in the world. The best dive spots are scattered from Alor Besar, Alor Kecil, Dulolong, Buaya Island, Kepa Island, Pantar Island, and many more.

Alor has a variety of exotic locales, especially the beach and the underwater world. Pantar is an island located at the eastern end of Nusa Tenggara Islands. Pantar Island is one of the two main islands in Alor District. Kepa Island is the capital of Alor Island, while Kalabahi is the only town on the island. Mali Coast located in Kabola, is also one of beach tourism destinations frequently visited by local or international tourists. You may enjoy the landscape of the bay, and you also can swim around the Mali beach.



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