Diversity of Indonesian Culture Amazed Scandinavia’s Largest Tourist Exhibition Visitors

Kalimantan and Papua travel packages are selling well at the 2020 Danish Travel Show. Lars Faursholt, a Danish travel specialist who joined the Indonesian bridge, offers an exclusive package by inviting visitors to travel to Papua to get to know the Dani culture and enjoy the Baliem Valley Festival Wamena.

While in Kalimantan, visitors are invited to get to know the culture of the Dayak tribe and take a closer look at orangutans in their natural habitat. This travel package was sold out on the first day for a visit in August 2020.

In addition to the culture and nature of Papua and Kalimantan, the Lombok, Komodo Island and Bali packages are also offered by three other travel agents who join the Indonesian bridge, namely Asien Paradisresor, KBA Tour and Mala Eco Tour.

So far, more foreign tourists know Bali as an Indonesian tourist destination, Danes are no exception. Not a few Danish travel agents who participated in the exhibition also offered Bali in their tour packages, including Turkish Airlines which opened a new line of Copenhagen-Istanbul-Denpasar in the middle of last year.

With the aim of introducing a variety of Indonesian cultures, the Indonesian pavilion promotes culinary, such as yellow rice, rendang, green bean porridge, peanut brittle, dumplings, and egg martabak.

Various traditional dances are displayed not only on the bridge, but also on the main stage of the exhibition. Starting from the Lancang Kuning dance from Sumatra, the Nandak dance from Betawi, the Enggang and Gantar dance from Kalimantan, the Sekar Jagad and Legong dance from Bali, the Jaipong dance from West Java, the Tanduk Majeng dance from East Java, the Gemu Famire dance from East Nusa Tenggara to the Yamko dance Rambe Yamko from Papua.

All dances were performed by Indonesian people living in Denmark. On the main stage, Indonesia also featured Pencak Silat by Martin Sangill, a Danish citizen who had been working with pencak silat for 30 years.

Various martial arts styles of Setia Hati Anoman, which was exhibited by Martin Sangill and his students amazed the visitors, even some of them took to the stage to try the style.

“Pencak silat is an Indonesian cultural heritage, but it is unique in Danish citizens. This shows the close relations between Indonesia and Denmark, especially this year is the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries, “Ambassador Ibnu Said said.

The Danish Travel Show – Ferie For Alle is the largest exhibition in the Scandinavian region which is participated by more than 1,100 exhibitors every year and is visited by more than 60,000 visitors who want to find a tourist vacation spot. Denmark has 5.7 million residents and holiday culture.

This news had previously been released by Rakyat Merdeka on February 24, 2020 with the title Ragam Budaya Indonesia Pukau Pengunjung Pameran Wisata Terbesar Skandinavia.

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