Derawan Island

derawan_island_artikel5.jpgAn island with a colorful sea of blue and green shades are stunning, soft sand, palm trees line the coast, with a small forest in the middle of the island which is the habitat of various species of plants and animals and the natural beauty of the enchanting underwater . No wonder the island can be ranked as a top three place world-class diving destination and make this island a dream island for divers. Every month, at least 75 foreign tourists and local tourists hundred visiting Derawan Island. They claim love the charm of the island.

According to the tourists, the atmosphere of the sea Derawan island very different from other regions. Not to mention the beauty beneath the sea Derawan Island. No wonder, many international-class divers visiting the island for trying out the natural beauty of the underwater Derawan Island. There are also tourists who are interested in looking for turtle eggs because so many turtles on the island. Unfortunately, the manager admitted Derawan difficulty island developing this island because no local government support. As a result, many obstacles that can not be overcome. In the end, they expect the government to open regular shipping for the smooth flow of transport.

In Derawan Islands there are some coastal ecosystems and small island which is very important that coral reefs, sea grass and mangrove forest (mangroves). In addition many protected species in the Derawan Islands like the green turtle, hawksbill turtle, whales, dolphins, clam, coconut crab, mermaid, fish, barracuda and a few other species. There are many other dive sites in the Derawan area, including Barracuda Point, The Wall, and Blue Light in Kakaban Cave, Big Fish Country, Paradise Reef, and the Light House on the Island Maratua, and other islands of Derawan and Sangalaki. If you want to try it, you’ll need at least two weeks! How? It’s too beautiful to be miss out.

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