De Ranch Lembang, Enjoy Ride Horse in Lembang, Bandung

De Ranch offers another route. Enjoy the atmosphere on the farm with cool air, the visitors were feeling in the atmosphere of western America, enjoy the culinary delights and enjoy a host of interesting activities. This place is perfect for a family tourist attractions in this place there are many different games and their children can also ride one of the animals, the kids liked. 

Location De ranch in mountainous areas. It is based on Maribaya street , Lembang, Bandung, West Java. This tourist spot near Forest Park Ir. H. Juanda. The air was cold and very beautiful in this area. De ranch itself offers a cowboy who came from America. Many activities which is gave educational children.

What was a favorite pastime is riding on this site. Before you start riding, you will be like a cowboy with hat, leather vest, boots and shoes, the visitor can horse around the ranch to be dressed. With the support properties such as buildings in the area of wood as a cowboy, horses are at home, so you or your child feels like a real cowboy.

After a tour on horseback, many children are reluctant to be invited to a standstill. Children can learn more about the nature of the existing farm atmosphere. You can see the farm, horses, goats or cows saw the usual activities on the farm should be done, of course. Bathing the animals, feed or clean cage made common areas so that visitors can actually feel the atmosphere of the farms are common in the villages.

Besides the known animals, visitors and children enjoy a variety of fun games such as boating, water-balloon, bike riding, trampoline, flying fox, ATV, fishing, wagon ride, or try to knock you willing to have rodeo. Children can also be found on the playground. If you want to take shelter or rest for a moment, tepees at the right target.

Game ends, you can create a variety of food menu. Traditional dishes such as gado-gado, Karedok or Western dishes such as steak, pizza or sausage. Forgotten as beverage, do not try to produce all the milk from cows milk ranch. Milk with different flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, mocha and other flavors to produce the children’s enthusiasm for this healthy beverage.

If you get bored waiting for the child who played with his father, you can find the factory outlet for souvenirs or gifts. Items such as shirts or trinkets can be found at factory outlets De Ranch. If you want to bring home food and drinks, you can buy a sausage or milk derived from this farm. If you want to go green at home, you can visit shops and cacti in this region.

Visit De Ranch can refresh the mind and become a busy tourist place with the family. Do the nature and animals in children is a child feel different attractions. Atmosphere with a large green lawn, overlooking the mountain Gunung Putri Tangkuban Perahu and who can stare freely, and the cool, fresh air makes the atmosphere more refreshing.

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