A soft white sandy beach, crystal clear water, staggering cliffs, beautiful rock formations, and swaying palm trees: one may well be mistaken to be somewhere in Bali, but it is not. Far from the spotlights of more popular destinations in other major islands, Dato Beach with all its splendor is truly a secluded beauty hidden within the Regency of Majene, The town of Majene is located on the Bay of Mandar, south of the capital Mamuju and closer to the town of Polewali in West Sulawesi.

Located just 1KM away from Banggae, the heart of Majene Regency or about 3.5 hours drive away from Mamuju, capital of West Sulawesi, the beach is highlighted with beautiful rock formations on one side and a vast stretching white sandy beach underneath a hanging cliff on the other. Its soft white sands make it a perfect place for all sorts of fun beach games such as beach volley, football, or building sandcastles. The shoreline is also home to a lot of hermit crabs in various sizes and shells. These unique crustaceans will definitely attract the curiosity of the younger visitors.

The waters off the coast of Dato beach are relatively calm , making it a perfect place for swimming or just to play around. Below its water, Dato Beach also offers pristine coral reefs with various colorful fish and other sea dwellers that will definitely indulge those who enjoy snorkeling and diving. Rich with various kinds of fish, these waters are also a perfect spot for fishing.

From the rock formation on the west end of the beach, one can climb stairs leading to the top of the cliff. There, a magnificent view of the vast ocean awaits.

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