Dance Tor Tor – Ritual Dances Associated With The Spirit

Tari Tor TorTor Tor dance types is diverse, including:

1. Tor Tor Pangurason (dance cleansing). This dance is usually held at a large party, party places and locations previously cleaned by using lime, so far from all sorts of dangers.
2. Tor Tor Sipitu Petri (Dance of the seven bowls). This dance usually performed at the inauguration of a king. This dance is also from the 7th heaven girls who take a shower at the mountaintop lake pusuk buhit along with the arrival piso sipitu sasarung (seven knife sheath).
3. Tor Tor Tunggal Panaluan, is a cultural ritual. Usually held if a disaster-stricken village. This dance performed by the shamans to receive guidance or solutions to resolve the issue. Tunggal Panaluan cane is a combination of magic Natolu Banua are Debata Gijjang (Upper World), Banua Tonga (Middle) and Banua Toru (Under World).

Dance Tor Tor on today is no longer just associated with the spirit world, but it becomes a work of art which can done at any time. This is because the Tor Tor dance culture becomes a tool in every activity Batak indigenous people.

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