Danau Toba

Danau Toba 3

Is a province in North Sumatra, Indonesia, which has a volcanic lake in the world. It is very influential for tourism in North Sumatera as well as increase the income of the area. Tourist attractions in a field that is also well known and visited by tourists inside and outside the country. In the middle of this lake there is an island that became a symbol of a world tour in the north Sumatran field. Tourist destination in this field has a very beautiful natural scenery and fascinating. In addition we can also use a bicycle in the area around the lake while enjoying the beauty of Lake Toba. Not only that, we also can surround the lake with a boat rented at the tourist spot. Activities such as water sports and swimming can do in this lake. For lodging facilities are also very easy you get as a hotel or homestay at this place.

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