The lake is located in the Limbungan Village within 10 km from the center of the city of Pekanbaru. Places Sari Valley Artificial Lake is one of the tourist attractions Pekanbaru natural nuances. At first, this lake is an irrigation dam used to drain water to the rice fields surrounding residents. Until then, the artificial dam was used as one of the tourist attractions in Pekanbaru. The natural scenery around Sari Valley Artificial Lake has beautiful scenery, cool, comfortable and hills covered with trees, allowing developed as a tourist attraction tirta such as swimming, fishing, water cycling and others. In addition to a mat and a picnic, you can rent paddle boats and water bikes to get around the lake.

There are also several small cottage with a unique design and can be used to relax enjoying the beautiful natural feel, as well as some small path cut in the middle of the shade of the trees and looks like a middle lined up neatly on around the lake, to be used as a walking track while enjoying the atmosphere nature is so natural. Seeing the extent of the artificial lake, it is very unfortunate if we were not able to enjoy a variety of tourist facilities are also provided in the location of water attractions Lake Valley Sari Bandar Khayangan this.

For tourists who are lucky, can also watch the show Bandar Khayangan Lake Festival is conducted once a year by the local government, as well as a form to commemorate the birthday of the city of Pekanbaru. Various forms of the game can be found on the festival activities are carried out in order to increase the variety of the tourism potential of the city. Among namely, Rowing Boat Races and Boat Races barge, which is followed by the various districts.

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