Danar Hadi Batik Museum

2. Background
The founding of this Gallery was based on Mr. Santosa Doellah’s wish in his effort in preserving batik since the Gallery’s missions are:
a. Preserving batik in any aspects
b. Providing information for the educational society
c. Building another tour asset for Surakarta in particular and for Indonesia in general

3. The Building
a. This Gallery consists of eights halls:
b. Gallery I
c. Gallery II
d. Gallery III
e. Two Showrooms
f. Hand waxing department
g. Stamp waxing department
h. Dyeing department

4. Collections Being Displayed

Gallery I displays:
a. Batik Belanda (from 1840-1910)
b. Batik Cina (before 1910 and after 1910)
c. Batik Djawa Hokokai (1942-1945)
d. Batik Kraton (batik from the palaces)
Batik Puro Mangkunegaran
Batik Puro Pakualaman
Batik Kasunanan Surakarta
Batik Kasultanan Yogyakarta
e. Batik Pengaruh Kraton (batik influenced by the Batik from palaces):
Batik Cirebon
Batik Banyumas
Batik Indramayu (Batik Dermayon)
Batik Madura
f. Batik influenced by The Indian Cloth
g. Batik Danar Hadi

Gallery II displays:
a. Flow of process (Traditional Batik Process)
b. Batik Wax ingredients
c. Batik Indonesia (1950)
d. Batik Wonogiren (1966-1975)
e. Batik Kontemporer
Batik created by Guruh Soekarno Putra
Batik created by Amry Yahya
Batik created by Bambang Oetoro
Batik created by SP. Gustami
Batik created by Soemihardjo
f. Batik Souvenir

5. Processing Department
Batik Process being shown in this gallery are mostly Multi Coloured Batik Process (Batik Pesisiran Processes) applied on silk.

Traditional Performing Arts
Included in the "one stop shopping" concept, Galeri Batik Kuno Danar Hadi will continually stage traditional performing arts or other cultural events from Central Java and nearby regions. Visitors may enjoy a buffet lunch or dinner prepared just for the event.

Artistic Atmosphere of the Workshop
Take advantage in viewing the process of batik making, whether stamped or drawn, which are famous for its high standard of quality.

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