Curug Panganten is a waterfall in West Java, Indonesia with an average elevation of 1,035 meter above sea level and has an altitude of about 70 meters waterfall with water fall looks like crystals glistening in the sunlight. Curug Panganten is in the region Katumiri nature. Tourist attractions are located on Highway Cihanjuang KM 5.56.

Previous, this waterfall called Curug Manglayang, but because there are an incident that becomes belief of people here (pair bride committed suicide by plunging or other versions were washed away by the torrential waterfall flows), then this waterfall called Curug Panganten.

Located in the village of Padaasih, District Cisarua, West Bandung regency, West Java Province. Approximately 7 km from the town of Cimahi by taking the direction to Paraongpong. This waterfall is located just down the road from the housing and nature Katumiri Parongpong. The access road to the location of housing waterfall about 2 km by passing a footpath winding, rocky slippery and muddy when it rains with the ravines and scrub until arriving at the waterfall. To get to the bottom side of the waterfall to be down a cliff about 30 m through the trail slippery.


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