Curug Cimahi, Natural Beauty Waterfall in Cimahi – Bandung

Curug Cimahi is a beautiful waterfall lies on Bandung, East Java. It has a height of approximately 87 meters and is one of the highest waterfall in Bandung and the surrounding areas. Name Cimahi derived from the name of the river that flows in Cimahi River it tipped in Situ Lembang and flows into Cimahi. This waterfall is located at an altitude of 1050 m above sea level with temperatures ranging between 18-22 degrees Celsius.

If viewed from above, this waterfall has two levels and has uniqueness. As the name implies, cimahi or enough water (Sundanese), debit waterfall is always the same, either during the rainy season or drought.

The location of Curug Cimahi is approximately 10 kilometers from the town of Cimahi in the direction of Lembang or 20 km from the city of Bandung.

There are several alternative roads can be selected to reach this waterfall. Mostly used is Cimahi path through Cihanjuang and Parongpong, and track Lembang.

From gateway of Cimahi Waterfall, proceed on foot along the path descending staircase and winding. This staircase footpath (numbering about 506 pieces of stairs) are made of stone and cement with a slope of about 45 degrees with a journey of about 30 minutes. Along this journey will encounter some long-tailed monkeys swinging in the trees. This waterfall is very natural and clean. If you are on vacation in Bandung do not forget to stop in the beautiful Curug Cimahi.

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