Cruising The Panorama of Umbul Sidomukti

Umbul Sidomukti tourist area is one in Semarang Nature Mountains, located in the village Sidomukti Bandungan District of Semarang District. This tourist area with the support of facility & Services: Outbound Training, Adrenalin Games, Pool Nature Parks, Camping Ground, Pondok Wisata, Pondok Lesehan, and Meeting Room.

There is also a terraced swimming pool. What distinguishes it is its depth cascading pools. The water of the swimming pool or the pennant comes from springs that never dry throughout the year! Pond design was unique. Unlike pools in general are only using ceramic on each the weather, but in this sidomukti pennant round shape using natural stone on each side. When searchers will also swim in the natural beauty has offered mountain scenery that is still cool and natural. Sidomukti pennant region itself is at 1200m ketinggan dapl, which make the fresh air of Area. Is perfect for searchers who want to relax on weekends.

There are four terraced pools and can be selected according to the desired depth. The water is very cold, crisp and refreshing. In addition coupled with some guts challenging sport facilities at the side of the pool. There is a track flying fox with two tracks, marine bridge in the valley, rapeling down the valley side of the pond, and ATV, natural pools and trekking.

Flying fox with a path length of 110 meters, the distance from the lowest point of the valley elevation of about 70 meters. Flying fox is crossing the valley, so as to move from hillside to hillside opposite the hinges on two ropes and safety as well as helmets. As usual, flying fox can be done by selecting the style like superman flying, or style sit normally. Flying fox valley ticket fare is only 12,000 IDR, not expensive for a test of courage.

2000 IDR car parking tickets. Admission tickets for regular day 4,000 rupiah and 5,000 rupiah per person on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Want to try a marine bridge? Set 7,000 IDR for tickets. 6000 IDR to rapeling, and 15000-20000 IDR for 3x round ATV. In addition to regular tickets, the manager also offers a package for a group containing a minimum of 20 people for corporate events such as trekking.

Bannerman Sidomukti can be reached from the direction of Semarang to Solo, to find a gas station Weak brother on the left side of the road, turn right toward Bandungan. Until at Jimbaran Market on the left side, there will be written sidomukti alley on the right side of the road uphill. Along the trail there are some signs to get to the Garden Pool Nature Bannerman Sidomukti, Sidomukti Village, Bandungan, Semarang.

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