CNN recommends KOMODO seas among Asia’s “10 most Spectacular Dive Sites”

In a recent article of 17 February on CNN Go, CNN selected the Komodo seas in Indonesia’s East Nusatenggara province amongst ten of “Asia Stunning Underwater Sites”. Besides Komodo, CNN also recommended three other Indonesia dive sites, these are the Derawan Islands in East Kalimantan, Raja Ampat in West Papua, and Tulamben in Bali, as among Asia’s “10 most spectacular dive sites”.
The Komodo seas within the Komodo National Park, is habitat to a variety of surfish, mantas, dolphins, eagle rays, pygmy seahorses, ornate ghost pipefish, blue-ringed octopus, “making this one of the most diverse and vibrant dive spots on the planet”, vouches CNN. 

While Raja Ampat is described as having the highest recorded diversity of fish and coral species on earth, – an amazing 537 coral species and 1,074 species of fish. The Derawan Islands are unique with their stingless jellyfish here, whereas Tulamben is Bali’s most popular dive site where during World War II a Japanese torpedo sank the USAT Liberty, and whose wreck has today become a favourite dive spot.
As a matter of fact Indonesia has many more magnificent dive sites that were not mentioned by CNN. They include the Bunaken seas in North Sulawesi, famous for their dramatic vertical drop offs, the pristine Wakatobi and Takabonerate seas in Sulawesi, the sea gardens off Banda and Ambon in the Maluccas, and many more.

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