Climbing Kiematubu

kie.jpgClimbing the gorgeously symmetrical cone of Tidire’s towering Gunung Kiematubu is one of the highlights of a visit to this island. The climb is in somewhat shorter than that up Gamalama in neighbouring Ternate, as the village of Gurabunga where you start is already quite high up.
You can get to Gurabunga by road, and once there, you should reprt to the local “Pak Lurah”. Unless you are quite confident about your route-finding abilities, you should also consider hiring a guide – this trail is less clear than the one up Gamalama, and it’s easy to get lost.
The hike starts through Gurabunga’s gardens, with several trails branching off the main one. If you keep to the right track, you’ll eventually enter the forest, where you come to this small hut. At this point you’ve missed the turn-off to the peak: walk back ca. 50 metres and look for the less distinct trail branching off to your right, heading down initially!

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