Cilember Waterfall

Tourist will see the Butterfly Garden Conservation; a building had the shape of the turret of the giant’s net. When wanting to enter this place, the ticket was sold with the price Rp 5.000,-. Here was the place of the butterfly cultivated. There was the official who will explain the process of the butterfly metamorphosis, showed the egg, the caterpillar and the available chrysalis in this conservation garden. The official in a friendly manner also explained the butterfly kind from the available caterpillar as well as answered various questions that were put forward by the visitor.

The trip could be continued by passing Cinta Bridge, the suspension bridge that will wobble when being passed. Afterwards, you could try Flying Fox among the available pine crop here. There were also wood huts that were hired out for the over-nighting place. The rental price of this hut differed, depended the kind.

When wanting to try the different atmosphere, tried to enjoy the tattered or camping agenda in the open room. The manager provided tent rent, sleeping bag or other equipment to camp like light, genset, the mat, or the campfire. There were several places that became the location of the camp (camping ground). The MCK (bathroom) place and the security were guaranteed, because of the existence of the official who continued to be on the alert in this place.

Was not far from the accommodation hut, arrived you in the seven waterfall. This waterfall was the busiest because of being located lowest so as to be easy to be accessed. The location only some hundred meters from the main gate. The seventh waterfall divided two and tourist could see him from far because of the height of this waterfall. Many visitors who enjoyed the freshness of this waterfall. They approaching to bathe under the waterfall flow, swam in the natural pond results of the waterfall reception, or just took some photographs with waterfall scenery. Here also was provided the MCK place and the place of the substitute for clothes after you cheerfully wet.

The tired feeling will be felt lost when feeling the sprinkling of water on the face or when trying to feel the coldness of the waterfall. Increased again with the beautiful atmosphere and the beauty of the seventh waterfall scenery.

After satisfied enjoyed the seventh waterfall, the trip could be continued headed the fifth waterfall. This waterfall was bigger compared with the seventh waterfall although not be as high as the seventh waterfall. You could eliminate tired you in a playful manner in this waterfall. To reach the fifth waterfall, the track more difficult, because only took the form of the footpath that consisted of the stones and the land. If rain, then this road quite slippery so as to have to be more careful. This footpath also was winding. To reach the fifth waterfall, tourist needed time approximately 15 minutes walked. The fifth waterfall, more beautiful and clean, because was more difficult to be covered from the seventh waterfall. However here also MCK provided facilities and substitute space for clothes.

From The Seventh Waterfall to The First Waterfall

The lowest that was closest with the entrance was the seventh waterfall. The location was easy to be accessed easily by the visitors Wana Wisata Cilember Waterfall. After that, usually several people who still were not yet satisfied will continue climbing passed the footpath that was slippery and rocky headed the fifth waterfall. Most visitors have felt happy if reached the fifth waterfall. The sixth waterfall personally indeed could not be visited because of not yet having the footpath headed this waterfall. So as usually the visitor at once heads the fifth waterfall after visited the seventh waterfall.

However if you had the spirit of the wanderer, you could try to reach the fourth waterfall with the track that increasingly had difficulty and steep. From the fourth waterfall, was not far from there and tourist could reach the third waterfall. The fourth waterfall and the third waterfall, was still far more natural because rarely was visited considering the track of trip foot that really had difficulty.

If tourist were still liking the challenge again, you could visit the second waterfall that the trip quite far from the third waterfall. Here tourist must be careful because of many available leeches in the foliage. Then tourist could reach the first waterfall that was located highest that was the highest waterfall in Wana Wisata Cilember Waterfall. The first waterfall very natural because indeed most was difficult to be visited. However, the manager always suggested to accompanied by the guide who has known the track of the trip to the first waterfall, when wanting to reach it. Time followed in a walking manner to the first waterfall took up time around 2 till 3 trip hours foot.

When you could not have continued the trip, enjoyed the beauty of the seventh waterfall and the fifth waterfall has been enough to eliminate the fatigue. To visitor that had hobby of adventure, Cilember Waterfall provided facilities jungle tracking and outbound. With beauty of the panorama, the beautiful atmosphere and the coolness the waterfall, as well as other facilities made Wana Wisata Cilember Waterfall this was suitable to become the tourist attraction.

To reach Cilember Waterfall, from the Ciawi toll gate, tourist continued to head the Puncak direction. In the Cisarua area, tourist could turn to left to head Cilember Waterfall but also the Matahari Garden. After passing the Matahari Garden, tourist will pass Vila and the inhabitant’s house along the road. After that you could arrive in the Cilember Waterfall gate. The road to head where this has been asphalted, but also complicated and narrow.

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