Chinese New Year in Medan

viharagtimur_11.jpgCelebrating Lunar New Year 2562 or the transition year to year Tiger Rabbit. Thousands of Chinese residents packed a number of monasteries in the field such as the Shrine of Setia Budi, Road West Irian, the Borobudur Temple Jalan Imam Bonjol, and East Mountain Temple, on Thursday (3 / 2).

At the Shrine of Setia Budi, Road West Irian, a few hours before prayers to ancestors as much at 22. 00 pm seemed crowded. Thousands of Chinese alternated with family and relatives thronged temples to perform prayers and pray for health and sustenance received so far through the activities and success over the years Rabbit.

According to one officer, the monastery was crowded at 23:00 pm until approximately 1:00 o’clock in the morning. Thousands of Chinese crowded into this arena. Crowd also looks to Thursday (3 / 2) at 13:00 am until evening. The atmosphere in the monastery which had hundreds of years old looks solid. Chinese community should be quite solemn worship despite jostling begins with burning incense and paper money which is called To Pe Kong. Further prayers were offered to the gods happy, god and the god of wealth helper.

A visitor, Effendi Chandra said, every year she always pray at the Shrine of Setia Budi. In worship and prayer, he begged forgiveness and hope to get a better life since the beginning of Rabbits. In addition, he also prayed for the future given the love and security worldwide.

Vihara Setia Budi, formerly known as Tek Kwan Kong which is a general who truly sincere towards the kingdom and very honest. "So, we really follow it for granted that sincere and honest heart," he said. In this temple, a ritual ceremony followed by all citizens, from children to adults and elderly people who prayed in connection with such personal fortune, health and easy to mate and for the salvation of the nation.

While at the Vihara Borobudur Medan, Jalan Imam Bonjol welcome the Chinese New Year BE 2562 on the first day is filled with devotional Mahayana (Liam Leng) at 09.30 am led Mahasthavira Nyanamaitri monk. While held at 11.00 am Shang Kung.

In V ihara Borobudur, will be held from Che It Pelita installation until Cap Go, 3-7 February 2011. Installation seer begins with prayer readings and the safety and well-being (Chi Fuk Siau Hui Fa Cai) in the evening to welcome the Lunar Cap Sa Meh, Wednesday (2 / 2) at 21.00 pm.

Borobudur Temple Foundation Chairman, Ir Lindawaty Roesli through press releases to reporters said the goal of the series of events to encourage Buddhists always introspective and are in the right way and understand the Dhamma as a light source of street lights throughout the year. "So hopefully all the blessings of goodness, peace, happiness, safety and prosperity will be with our state and nation so that it will be free from all calamities and disasters," he said.

The committee also provides vegetarian food to all the people who were present during the event. Package offerings consisting blessing water, tea, rice, biscuits and so on will be distributed to people on February 17, 2011 and on Cap Go Meh well as commemorate the Magha Puja held at 19.30 am led by the members of the Sangha Sangha Agung Indonesia. Meanwhile, Chairman of the Committee, Ponimin, SE urged Buddhists who wish to participate in the installation of lamps can contact the committee secretariat at the Vihara Borobudur No. 21 Medan.

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