Central Java, The Heart Of Java Culture

Central Java

Central Java is a province that lies in Java Island, properly in the middle of Java Island. Administratively the capital of this province is Semarang

Central Java is another area in Java Island which rich of Javanese culture after The Special Region of Yogyakarta. Some called that central Java is the heart of Javanese culture and the home of Javanese court.
The people of Central Java are known as soft-spoken, very polite, extremely class-conscious, apathetic, down-to-earth and so on. These stereotypes formed what most non-Javanese see as “Javanese Culture”, when in fact not all of the Javanese people behave that way.

Moslem are the most religion that being hold by the people of Central Java, with some of other religion like Christian, Hindu or Buddhist. Although Islam is the overwhelming majority, but some eldest still hold the indigenous belief which is Abangan religion. Abangan is a belief that pointed to the Javanesse culture and the way of living, is being called as Kejawen.

The ethnicity in Central Java is dominated by 98% of Javanese people, and others are followed by Sundanese which is stay on tip of Central Java, near to West Java, also some of India-Indonesia, Arabic-Indonesia and Tionghoa People.

agriculture is the most economic commodity by this Province. Rice is the most common primary food corp that being produce, others are orn (maize), cassava, peanuts (groundnuts), soybeans, and sweet potatoes.

Every region in this province is having very potential land and having some opportunities in some field. Like Blora-Grobogan is the producer of Teak wood.
In fact, the most wooden furniture producer is coming from Central Java with Semarang-Ungaran-Demak-Kudus is the main industrial area in Central Java.

While on tourism, there are some interesting area in Central Java after Jogjakarta that can be visited by the tourist. East Cities having similarities of Javanese culture and ethnicity. Semarang is such an ancient city which full of old picturesque buildings. The famous of Borobudur Temple which is located on Magelang. Solo or Surakarta with its sultanate palace and some of pilgrimage site like the grave of 3 wali songo; Sunan Kalijaga at Demak, Sunan Kudus at Kudus City, and Sunan Muria Kudus Regency.



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