Cendrawasih Gulf National Park

Visitors are not charged a ticket to enter Cendrawasih Gulf National Park. Only, if visitors want menjalajahi Paradise Bay are encouraged to report to the Hall of Cendrawasih Gulf National Park (BTNTC) in Manokwari to get Entry Mail Location (Simaksi). Meanwhile, for foreign tourists are required to obtain entry permits from the Forestry Department.

In this area are not yet available tourism facilities such as Dive Center, inn, or resort. However, for visitors who want to stay can use a tourist lodge in the District BTNTC Rumberpon or in people’s homes. What is the mechanism to obtain lodgings can directly contact BTNTC. If you are in need a guide to explore Cendrawasih Gulf National Park, include these desires in a letter to the permit application BTNTC. Later, the party that will give BTNTC / appoint advisors.

Cendrawasih Gulf National Park can be reached through or from Nabire Manokwari (the capital of Paniai ). From Manokwari to the site of the National Park which is about 95 km can be achieved in several ways. First, visitors can use a motor boat which came three times a week with a 2.5-hour long journey. Second, the guests also can use with outboard motors travel time approximately 60-10 hours, or use a boat trip with my old pioneer PELNI between 18-20 hours. PELNI ships usually come to this park once a month. Third, visitors can also ride the Twin Otter aircraft owned by Merpati Nusantara or MAF’s Cesna. However, after air travel, travel and equipment should be continued further with outboard motors submarine 3-4 hours.

In the meantime, if through Nabire, visitors will travel a distance 38 km to reach the Cendrawasih Gulf National Park. From here, visitors can use a motor boat with a travel time of 2-6 hours (depending on the type of motor boat).

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