Camplong Forest, Fatuleu – Kupang

Camplong Forest is located on the outskirts of the road to the city of Soe, District Fatuleu, Kupang, or 46 kilometers from the city of Kupang, the capital of East Nusa Tenggara province.

Camplong forest area has crocodile farm, Timor deer and pythons. In this area can also be found a variety of endemic animals, such as timor deer, green parrot with yellowish shoulders (Olive-shouldered Parrot) and black-backed pigeon (Black-backed Fruit-Doves). While the endemic flora that can be found is the sandalwood (Santalun Album). There are Moreover, there is also variety of artificial cave, and the relics of Japan during the second world war. This cave is contains of historical value for being the hiding place when the Japanese army invaded by people who live around the forest Camplong.

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