Campiong Forest


Camplong forest is a famous tourist forest with natural bathing. This forest is situated at the foot of Mount Fatuleu and is home to protected animals. Camplong forest area has a crocodile farm, Timor deer and pythons. Endemic animals that can be found is the Timor deer, parrots shoulders yellowish green (Olive-shouldered Parrot), and the black-backed pigeon (Black-backed Fruit-Doves). Endemic flora found in this area are sandalwood (Santalun album).

Besides biodiversity, this forest also has a variety of natural resources. Some of these are springs, natural pools, etc. Another interesting location is an artificial cave that is a legacy of Japan from the second world war period. This cave historic for being the hiding place when Japanese troops invaded local residents. Camplong is situated on the edge of the forest road leading to the town Soe, District Fatuleu, Kupang. Located approximately 46 km from the city of Kupang.

Camplong forest is a forest tour with the beautiful natural bathing and cool, because it is located at the foot of Mount Fatuleu. Forest Park is inhabited by many species of protected animals. The Forest Camplong there are also many natural resources, such as springs, natural pools, various types of flora such as redwood, pine, palm, eucalyptus, and various types of fauna such as monkeys, partridges, squirrels, possum, and birds (parrots , parrots, pigeons, quail, storks, eagles, turtledoves, parrots).
In every weekend, which is Friday through Sunday, jungle tours is visited by residents of the city of Kupang. The majority of visitors are families who invite their children the range of 7-12 years old.

Camplong forest area has a crocodile farm, Timor deer and pythons. In this area can also be found a variety of endemic species, such as Timor deer, parrot yellowish green shoulders (Olive-shouldered Parrot) and the black-backed pigeon (Black-backed Fruit-Doves). While the endemic flora that can be found are sandalwood (Santalun Album). There are also a variety of artificial cave, relics of Japan during the second world war. This cave contains the value of history for being the hiding place of Japanese troops when invaded by the residents living around Camplong Forest.

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