Buntu Kalando Museum


THIS museum actually is a tongkonan (Toraja traditional wooden house). Previously it was owned by people named Puang Sangalla. With a little touch, this tongkonan is used as a museum by the Government of Tana Toraja Regency. The museum stores various inheritance objects.
Location of Object
Buntu Kalando Museum located in the Kaero Village, Sangalla District, Tana Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. It is about 20 kilometers south of Rantepao Town or three kilometers west of Makale Town.
At the Tongkonan complex, there are three rice barns (alang sura). Traditional people of Toraja ware always developing rice barn near the settlement. Tongkonan also have buffalo horn decorations, deer horn, and horn of Anoa (unique species of South Sulawesi), which arranged neatly in front of Tongkonan. There are also katik, a kind of eagle sculpture as a greatness symbol.
The Museum stores various items:
Tools of Sangalla Kingdom
Custom pomp apparel
Historic items
Antique items
Armament tools
Ceremonial tools
Agricultural tools
Kitchen tools
Cutlery and drink tools
Goods are convinced to be nutritious
Typical sexual tools of Toraja
And others
Buntu Kalando Museum can be accessed from Rantepao and Makale Town with private vehicles or hotels transport facilities.
Entry Tariff
To enter the location of this site, tourists are charged IDR 5,000 per person as a contribution for treatment.
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