One of the historic buildings that are good to visit in the city of Bengkulu is Dwellings Bung Karno, the house is located in the center of the city of Bengkulu, precisely in the way Sukarno Hatta Village Anggut Over Ivory Cempaka subdistrict Bengkulu City. Year of establishment of this house can not be known with certainty, the house originally belonged to a Chinese merchant named Lion Bwe Seng hired by the Dutch to put Bung Karno during sequestered in Bengkulu.

Until now features a Chinese house is still there, namely that there is a vent above the windows and doors patterned letter/phrase in Chinese. Bung Karno who have little name Kusno after being exiled to Endeh Flires since 1934, then moved to Bengkulu in 1938. Sequestration Bung Karno’s house in the city center and not far from the Mayor’s Office of Bengkulu. The location is about 1.6 miles from Fort Malborough.

when he got home Bungkarno, to enter into us going through the park on the left and right of the road. In this house relics stored Bung Karno that have historical value, including when he developed strategies for the struggle in exile. The division of space and arrangement of the collection of historical objects in the house neat and orderly.

This exile home original size is 162 m² with building 9 x 18 m. Rectangular shape of the building no legs and plain walls. Having a yard large enough with pyramid-shaped roof. The main door double leaf rectangular with a rectangular window decorated with lattice. Not yet known when the house was first established, but is expected to be built beginning of the 20th century.

The house originally belonged to Chinese businessman named Tan Eng Cian penyumplai groceries for the Dutch government at that time. There is a Chinese characteristics of the building houses the vent located above the windows and doors patterned Chinese characters. The house was later hired by the Dutch government to put Bung Karno during sequestered in Bengkulu. Currently the length of the building is still maintained as originally only in 2006 the provincial government building named Persada Bengkulu add Bung Karno that serves as a museum, library, meeting rooms, and a theater.


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