Bukit Tigapuluh National Park

bukit_30.jpgBukit Tiga Puluh National Park has low land tropical rain forest ecosystem. Its forest is the transition between mangrove forest and hilly forest. Having unique ecosystem makes this park different from others as it lies in steep hills in the middle of eastern part of Sumatra’s low land at the border of Jambi and Riau. In Jambi the park occupies two regencies, West Tanjung Jabung (10,000 hectares) and Tebo (23,000 hectares).

Wide range of animals can be found here. There are 59 kinds of mammals, 199 species of birds and 19 species of bats. The forest is dominated by dipterocarpaceae. There are about 1.500 species of plants within this area. You can also find refflesia hasseltii which is called cendawan muko rimau (tiger faced fungus) by the local people. It’s about 30-50 cm with white spots.

Three ethnic groups inhabit this national park. One of them is Suku Anak Dalam also called as Orang Rimba, the jungle people. Some of them are still nomadic. They live in the forest in the more plain area.

The unique way of life of Suku Anak Dalam is also worth observing. You can observe their unique tradition, for example, the tradition of finding the forest products and hunting. In this area there’s Katalo waterfall and around buffer area of this park you can find Bulian Berdarah waterfall, Pancuran Gading waterfall, cave, panorama of Batang Sumay, sacred grave, the habitat of kleso fish (arwana) at Mangatai river and the crying stone. In order to enter this area we have to get our permit first. It takes five hours of driving to get there.

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