Bukit Siguntang

siguntang.jpgBukit Siguntang of about 27 meters high from the sea level lies at the western part of Palembang city. During Sriwijaya era it became a holy place for a Buddhists. Based on the historical event, there lived, about 1000 Buddha monks on the hill. Up to now Bukit Siguntang hill has still been considered as a sacred place. In 1920, it had found Buddha statue in Amarawati style and supposed from 11th centuries A.D. This statue put in Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Museu, beside Kuto Besak Fortress. There are sacred graves on the top of Bukit Siguntang. One of them is Sigentar Alam grave that become the oath place of the pilgrimage. According to the legend, Sigentar Alam is a King in Sriwijaya period. Nowadays, Bukit Siguntang has beautiful.

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