Bukit Duabelas National Park

bukit_12.jpgSprawling across three regencies; Sarolangun, Batanghari and Tebo, Bukit Dua Belas National Park has its own uniqueness as it is inhabited by Suku Anak Dalam (Anak Dalam Tribe, also known as Anak Rimba. They have been living in this area for decades where they interact with nature  and take care of each other. They still embrace their tradition.

It takes at least three to five days in order  to learn about their habits and experience the living in natural open space.
This national park has various valuable natural endemic resources such as Meranti, Kempar, Balam, Tembesu, Petaling and Keruing. Wide range of endangered plants and animals can be found there such as simpai and siamang, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

We can also find different kinds of rattan, jernang, orchid and herbs. Check out the tourist objects around this park; Hitam Ulu hot spring, Batang Asai river with its swift current suitable for white water rafting and Muara Kutur dam that irrigates the rice fields of farmers living around the area.

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