Bukit Barisan is a large but little-known national park in southern Sumatra which does not receive many visitors and thus is not really set up for tourism. To enter the park you first have to get a permit from a small town called Kota Agung. Try not to arrive on a Friday afternoon or evening like we did. By the time we got there the office was closed for the weeked, so we ended up hanging around in Kota Agung for a couple of days with not much to do. It’s a fishing village, so the people are used to getting up early, and they woke us up at 6:40am to bring us fried rice for breakfast. That was probably the most exciting thing that happened in Kota Agung, other than seeing a dead rat washed up on the beach.

Everyone seemed a bit confused by our presence, as they don’t normally receive visitors to the park. Eventually we were able to find someone who spoke English and to communicate what we wanted, and we hired a park ranger named Tori to be our guide in the jungle. The rangers usually spend their time working to conserve the park and to keep out poachers, but Tori was happy to play the role of guide for a change. Bukit Barisan is home to many different species of widlife, and is one of the few places that harbours rhinos, tigers, and elephants in the same area. All we saw though were some monkeys high up in the trees, as well as a few hornbills, which are really big birds.

Sumber : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bukit_Barisan_Selatan_National_Park

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