Bubbles appear in the middle of the sea near Mount Krakatau on March, 30


Large air bubbles are found in the Sunda Strait Waters, Lampung. This phenomenon appears on the shoreline of Mount Anak Krakatau.

The emergence of natural phenomena of air bubbles in the sea of ​​the Sunda Strait was discovered accidentally by security officers from the Bengkulu Lampung BKSDA patrolling using ships around the Krakatau Islands Nature Reserve.

More than one air bubble, found on the eastern side of Mount Anak Krakatau. From a distance it looks like the surface of the sea water is turbulent. Officers managed to approach the location of the air bubbles and from very close distances, visible bubbles appear from the bottom of the ocean.

The phenomenon of large bubbles like this is the first time discovered by the team, BKSDA officers do not know for sure what really happened on the seabed of the Sunda Strait so that air bubbles appear like that. The appearance of the bubble was found on March 30, 2020.

In its official account, patrol officers suspect that the appearance of the bubble is related to volcanic activity in the body of the historic mountain.

“The cause is unknown but it is possible to estimate the existence of volcanic activity on the seabed in the form of gas coming out of the body of the mountain,” wrote Bengkulu Lampung BKSDA officer as quoted by VIVA, Wednesday 1 April 2020.

Meanwhile, based on Magma Indonesia data, since the last month Mount Anak Krakatau conditions have not shown an increase in activity and the status of GAK is still alert or Level II.


To note, Mount Anak Krakatau is one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia. The eruption of 22 December 2020 triggered a tsunami that struck Anyer, Banten.

As a tourist destination, Mount Krakatau has its own charm. Tourists from abroad are interested in making this most active volcano observation. Most of the tourists camping on small islands around Anak Krakatau while observing at night with binoculars. In the morning they will climb to the summit of Anak Krakatau and snorkel around the islands which are rich in marine life. Some of the tourists combine Krakatau tours with an exploration into Ujung Kulon National Park.

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