Bromo And Pananjakan Mountain

bromo.jpgMount Bromo is one of five mounts located within Tengger mountains on its sand sea.
Atractiveness of this mount is bat to the date it is still active and easily visited /ascended. This mount bromo tourism objec has a natural atraction that atrac visitor because of this unique natural phenomena in from of of a crater on the crater covered by sand sea.
The natural beauty and wondervul valley are vascinating panorama, plus ist serene atmosphere and peace we well fel while visiting this area. To get the peak of mount Bromo , we use prepared stairs /steps of concrete stuff. When we get the peak we will see Brome a large caving crater whit is smoke out of the bottom . it shows the vulcano is still active. From the peak we see / enjoy the view of brome crater whit ist thin cloudy smoke, and the backward side we can see the beautifullness land countains sand see whit its natural silhuets that very impresisive.
Its other atracctiveess, is that volcano is a place of afinal ritual ceremoni (kasada) of Tengger communlty that has is reprensented by throwing farming product like the fruits and grain onto Moutn Bromo crater. This ceremony has attrated tourists to see the annual ceremony.


bromo_kawah.jpgThe lava crater is at a sand sea of kutho part, from far looks like a pile of bricks of ex- palace . the local people cal the well/ crater as Sumer pitu(well seven).
Based on geologikal history, lava craters have com from lava burning mold of mount Kursi.
This time is lava is vomited from the crater and floods out directly down to the sna sea because the slope of the sand sea leads to horizontal, velocity of the mold is slower and slower to 5 meters per hour and its surface is firstly frozen and solidified while the inside part ist still mold/ more liquit .
lava flow will stop after the lava matters have undergone all solidification . next eruptions cause shaking that affec ist weak ceilings fall and from some wells. There are more than 20 wells and they are scattered around.


pananjakan.jpgPeak of moutn Pananjakan is the highets place if compared whit another places of mountainous Tengger. For these reason. In this are we may see the natural beautifulness in the bottom side such as san sea and mount. Bromo complex Dsk.
That is backgrounded by mount. Semeru whit its thick smoke come out this peak of Pananjakan may be seen the beautifulnes of sunrise in the eastward behind the hill we can enjoy the situation mentioned above whit the peacefull situatiound without the noisiness.
The provided facilitation are shelter, plaza MCK (places for washing and bath) and cafetaria.



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