Botanical Garden of Rare Plants in the Bung Hatta

tanaman_langka.jpgNOT far from Padang, about 15 kilometers through the route of Solok, you can find a natural tourist attraction Botanical Garden Bung Hatta. This park is full of natural beauty with rare plants and exotic flowers.

Overall Size Raya Bung Hatta Park covers 70 thousand hectares, with the configuration of the landscape light waves, rather steep to steep and hilly with an altitude of 200-300 meters above sea level.

The park is said to be ‘heaven’ is also used as a tropical cruise terrain and wildlife observation. In this area there are 352 species of flora and 170 species of protected fauna.

In the past, Taman Raya Bung Hatta is known as Setya Mulya Botanic Garden, this park is also home to many unique species of tropical plants and species endemic to Sumatra. Take a stroll around the park, you can see the various plants that may not be found in other parts of the earth.

Among various rare and exotic plants, the main attraction of the park which is part of Kerinci Seblat National Park is a giant flower Raflesia Arnoldi.

The world’s largest flower named after Lieutenant Governor of the British Government, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, who had lived in Bengkulu and botanist Joseph Arnold who first discovered the flowers on the slopes of the Bukit Barisan mountain range.

Arnoldi Raflesia itself is a miracle of rare. This interest may take up to 10 months to grow and bloom only for about 15 days. When in full bloom, usually has a diameter of one meter.

If you want to see Raflesia Arnoldi bloom, you can visit between July and September. Oiya, this flower is not only famous for their large size, but because of the rotten smell. ( / wikipedia / * / X-13)

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