Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park

bogani_nani_wartabone_1.jpgBogani Nani Wartabone National Park is a 2,871.15 km² (1,108.56 mi²) National Park on Minahassa Peninsula on Sulawesi island, Indonesia. Formerly known as Dumoga Bone National Park, it was established in 1991 and was renamed in honour of Nani Wartabone, a local resistance fighter who drove the Japanese from Gorontalo during the World War II.
The Spectral Tarsier is one of the endangered species inhabiting the park

The park has been identified by Wildlife Conservation Society as the single most important site for the conservation of Sulawesi wildlife and is home to a large number of species endemic to Sulawesi. The species observed in the park include among others the endangered Anoa and Cinnabar Hawk Owl, which was only described scientifically in 1999 from a specimen collected from the park.

Among the larger animals of the park are babirusas and the Sulawesi warty pig. The park is threatened by uncontrolled logging, poaching and illegal gold mining.

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