Blue Lake is a beautiful lake formed by the former sand quarry excavation. The lake is formed on top of the clay are quite deep. That said, since this is what causes the blue color of the lake. At the moment the weather is sunny, the Blue Lake will emit a light blue color that really blue. As if we were looking at the crystal clear ocean expanse. To enter the Blue Lake, a traveler does not have to pay. This place is not really a tourist attraction, but it is a sand mining is still active until now. But because it has beautiful natural scenery make this lake quite often visit. Blue Lake has a beautiful blue water, the color is even rivaling the beauty of the sky on the island of Bintan although size is not so big and deep. Around the lake are decorated sandy hills that add to the exotic lake. Many of the tourists who come to the lake to take pictures and immortalize the beauty of Lake Blue.

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