Blog Entry Northern Papua: The Common Gateway to Papua

a healthy tradition of woodcarving and painted bark-cloth manufacturing, two good museums, Papua’s best shopping both for handicrafts and for modern necessities, and of course the widest range of places to stay and eat anywhere in these parts. As an added attraction, you could even make a side-trip to neighbouring Papua New Guinea from here – easily the cheapest way of reaching that fascinating country. After the Jayapura area, the most common travel destination in the North is the island of Biak is Cendrawasih Bay. Biak has plenty of historical and cultural interest and is very accessible, though those hoping for a really pretty tropical island should head further afield to nearby Supiori, Numfor, Yapen, or the cluster of smaller islands in the south of the bay, just north of the town of Nabire. The latter is a dull town in its own right, but the traditional gateway to the westernmost part of the Central Highlands. Finally, real adventurers could try and explore the more remote parts of the northern lowlands, certainly one of Papua’s least visited areas.

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