Bledug Kuwu

bledug_artikel1.jpgThe Indonesian natural resources are rich for its diversity in nature and culture. There are a lot of tourist spot; one of them is Bledug kuwu which is located in Purwodadi, central java.  This place is very unique; it is different from any other tourist object, it is named Bledug Kuwu. In United Stated there’s Salt Lake which came from the silting up of the sea and changed into land. In present time this land use as a testing place for the fastest vehicle in the world. It is different from the one that we have in Indonesia. It is also a nature wonder which no other countries have, it is called Bledug Kuwu. It is located in Kluwu village, kradenan district, Grobogan province. It is named Bledug Kuwu because of its sound that periodically make an explosion sound like Bledug (like an explosion of an artillery from the distance), from the mud bubble together with the coming out of the smoke, gases, and salty water. Through that process it became a land which it was from the bottom of the sea and now it became a mainland that reaches 53 meters height from the sea surfaces. The wide is 45 ha with the minimum temperature of 31° Celsius.

To be able to reach this place, we have to travel through the ground way from Semarang through Purwodadi until reaching the Kluwu village. During the journey we can see beautiful and fertile scenery of the nature, the spread of green rice fields and the blue sky. The beautiful view of the hills so fascinating so that the journey to this place won’t be quite boring, despite our eyes will be widely open and amaze by the scenery of the nature that green and amazing.

When we reach this place there’s a distinction view which is opposite with the view that we saw on the way to get this place. During the journey we can see the beautiful view but when we reach to this place it is so fallow and unfertile. But this kind of condition make this place so special because there is two kinds of conditions that opposite from one to another. Meanwhile we enjoy ourselves with the beauty of the nature; we also can see the local people who earn money as a salt farmer. From the source of salty water of Bledug Kuwu the farmer make it into kitchen salt. The quality of the salt from this area is very popular and it is written down in the history of Surakarta Royal Palace. It can be prove by the statement from the local people. In this area there are small mountains which on top of them let out a yellow mud.

Bledug Kuwu has its own specialty, if you see from the geological site, Dr. AJ Panekoek, stated that all lands that consist of Bledug is belong to alluvial plains (sediment soil or silting up soil) together with the explosion of Bledug, smokes, gases and salty water will come out from it. The sound of explosion happened because the coming out of the volcano which form into mud with grey color or dark grey but if this liquid mix with water it will become white. If you silt up this water eventually it will become lime land. It used to be sea that changed into land because of the erosion of the lime mountain, so the land consists of lime.

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