Blang Kolam is the nature waterfall with the natural landscape plus a waterfall as a complement to the natural beauty, which is precisely in Sidumulyo village, Kuta Makmur district, Aceh Utara regency, Indonesia. Beautiful Waterfall Blang Kolam has a height of about 75 meters. This waterfall, looks beautiful because of its location which is still under shady trees and has a natural forest. When a trip to the waterfall Blang Kolam, you’ll be treated to the sights and rural atmosphere soothing eye.

The roar of falling water heard in the distance. When a visitor enters the area will find a giant cup of clear water. This tourism potential eruption sank with guns and ammunition when the conflict is still going on in Aceh, namely Blang Kolam waterfall.

This waterfall is located south of Lhokseumawe City mileage of about 45 km from the center of Lhokseumawe. Access to get there could use public transportation or private car. This street is quite good to reach. To reach this beautiful waterfal is the 15-meter high waterfall, visitors can take the path and arrived at Simpang Buloh Keude Beureughang turn left directly follow the straight road then you can drop to the oil palm plantation. Smooth asphalt road stretching along 21 kilometers. After that, the cold aura immediately smothered bone.

Under the waterfall, sprinkled with a variety of rocks. Here, visitors can sit back and relax while enjoying some foods that can found on the cafe around. In addition, there is also a complex area of the zoo.

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