Bitila Island


Pulau Bitila is an island in Indonesia, nearby to Wulungiyo Bulooliyo, Lito Tomelo and Lito Dulawono. Landmarks in the Pulau Bitila area include Libuiyo Batubuaya and Libuiyo Tomelo. Bitila Beach and Sea Park is the famous beach in Pohuwato. The place is very beautiful and romantics. People around Pohuwato know this place. This place is located 9 Kilometers east of Paguat City. The way to get there is so easy. Just follow the traffic sign and you will find it. From the downtown , you can rent a car to the harbor. Then you can rent a ship or boat to the Bitila Island.

The white sandy beach which has pure water is good for swimming and snorkeling. And the most wonderful of this island is Bitila’s sea park. It’s the one beautiful sea park in Celebes. The coral very natural and fabulous. This beach is save because the beach is shallow and the wave is not so big. This place is more beautiful at dusk. We can see the beautiful Sunset with our family, friends and absolutely with our couple. In this location, we can sit and relax in the shelter while enjoy the natural beach breezy wind. It is suitable for youngster activities such as camping. In this place we can find many traditional footstalls. We can order traditional foods such as roasted fish, crab, and boiled shell.

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