Bikang Ambon Cake

bika_ambon.jpgBikang Ambon cake is a kind of light that comes from Medan, North Sumatra. Made of basic materials such as coconut milk, sugar and eggs. In general, the Bika Ambon with pandan taste, although there are also other taste-taste like chocolate, cheese, and durian.

Initially, Bika Ambon historical existence is not known. Although there is the word “South”, Bika Ambon was better known as by-City by special Medan. Here, there are at least 40 shops that sell this cake.

Being concerned for you as buyers, because the food is, can only survive in the best condition for about 4 days. Then, after the cake is usually started crust. This will reduce the sense of taste.

Perhaps, this food is estimated attendance over the two versions. The first is the first trader to trade the South to Malaysia, but this does not Bika Ambon behavior and finally to the City of Medan Hijrah. In fact, the food is light, people get Enthusiastic about Singapore’s own. Because the next version of the food Pandanus this, the initial sales in Jl. Ambon, Medan. So that local people as DUB Bika Ambon Cake.

Bika Ambon already becomes a kind of trade mark and identical food as a typical city of Medan. Can even spelled Bika Ambon is a typical food as the most popular gift for family or friends who will visit outside Medan. Blend with Pandanus fragrant and sweet taste of cheese and dressing to make this cake is very tasty on the tongue.

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