Bidadari waterfall has a height of about 30 m with a width of about 10 m and about 15 m below. In addition to presenting natural beauty of nature, the location was not too difficult to achieve. Bidadari waterfall located in the village in coral, distric Pinang island, Lahat. South Sumatera. Bidadari waterfall named in the said this place ordinary waterfall bath the fairy.

From the town of Lahat is 16 km or 231 km from Palembang (4 hours by car) to drive a car or motorcycle in the direction of natural fence. After passing through the border gate Lahat town, we presented a stunning natural scenery, meandered up and down, on the right there is a view of the green coffee plantations and on the left river Lematang with clear water and rippling, yellow rice and a hilly stretch of mountain chain with cliffs steep. Not escape suspension bridge also makes the heart flutter for anyone who has never crossed it.

After seeing the hanging bridge stone fence (length over 300 m), we will enter the territory jagungan. Jagungan called for residents along this street peddling cob corn. Entering kilometers 14 km of Lahat we will meet with the village named Karang Dalam.. Actually in this village there are 7 waterfalls with different shapes and heights. Currently 7 waterfall is still very natural, so it is suitable to be developed as ecoutourism which is currently being promoted. But the only one that has been known to the public Lahat the Bidadari waterfall. The height of Angel waterfall is about 75 m. In this place flowing Asem river or the local people ussually called with the name Ayek Asem and empties into the Lematang River.

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