Bidadari Island is one of the resorts in the District Thousand Islands, Jakarta. Before being named Bidadari Island, the island has two names that Island Hospital and Purmerend Island. Bidadari Island Beach Resort has become one of the beach tourism destination in a thousand islands, in addition to the location of the resort is located close to the capital Jakarta. Island tour Island Resort still have white sandy beaches. Resort island’s tourist island there are many plants with large trees, tall and leafy shade which a make atmosphere around the island does not feel hot. even at one of the tops of tall trees supposedly eagle nests are very large. Bidadari Island Tourism Island Resort is just 15 kilometers from the coast of Jakarta (Marina Ancol), reached within just 20 minutes by speed boat, the island due to its location which is still close to the capital Jakarta, the island tour is ideal for city dwellers, and about who wants to hangout from the city bustle atmosphere.

Thousand Island Resort is supported by Manado ethnic cottage facility, floating cottages with the feel of a fishing village, Meeting room, Restaurant, Bar, Souvenir shop, Discotheque, billiard and water sports. Bidadari Island Thousand Island is widely used as a place outbound, marine atmosphere and facilities at Angel Island gives complete flexibility to group companies held an outing, meeting and outbound at this resort. Along the way to this resort, can be seen a group of islands which is loaded with historical value as Cipir Island (Pulau Kahyangan), Onrust and Kelor. The island was once used by the colonial Dutch East India Company so many buildings visible Dutch heritage buildings such as the castle and the ancient port.

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