Betang this is the work of the Dayak tribe who settled in the interior of Borneo with the concept of living in groups.
In the past, the life of Dayak tribes living in the interior of Borneo that live in groups. Where the life they lead surely passed along, it materialized in a work that is, Huma betang (betang house). Betang is a typical traditional house of Borneo that are located in different parts of Borneo, mainly in upstream areas that are usually at the center of the Dayak settlement, where the river is a main transportation route for the Dayak to perform a wide range of mobility in everyday life such as going to work to the fields where the farm Dayak is usually far from human habitation, or perform trading activities (past Dayak usually trade using barter system is to exchange the results of the fields, orchards and livestock).

Betang has its own uniqueness can be observed from the elongated shape and there is only a staircase and entrance into betang. Stairs as a means of connecting to the betang called hejot. Betang high built from the ground surface is intended to avoid the things that are troubling the residents betang, such as avoiding enemies that can come on suddenly, wild animals, or floods that often hit betang. Almost all betang can be found on the outskirts of major rivers in Borneo.

Great shape and this betang house varies in different places. There betang house which reach a length of 150 meters and a width of up to 30 meters. Generally betang house built in the form of a stage with a height of three to five meters from the ground. The high building houses this betang I expect to avoid flooding in the rainy season that threatened areas upriver in Borneo. Some residential units could have more than one home betang fruit depends on the size of the household members of the residential community. Each household (family) occupy booth (space) is in the boundaries of the Great Longhouse house, in addition to the generally Dayak also have single houses built temporarily to carry out agricultural activities, this is because away the distance between the fields with a settlement. More than a building to dwelling Dayak, actually betang house is the heart of the social fabric of life of the Dayaks. Betang culture is a reflection of the unity in the daily life of the Dayaks. In the house this betang each individual life in the household and society systematically arranged by mutual agreement as outlined in customary law. Mutual security, whether from criminal interference or sharing food, love, grief and mobilization of personnel to work on the fields. The main value of which stands out in the life at home betang is the value of togetherness (communalism) among the residents who inhabit it, regardless of the differences they have. From here we know that the Dayak tribe is a tribe that appreciates a difference. Dayak appreciate the differences of ethnicity, religion or social background.

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