Berbak National Park

berbak_national_park.jpgBerbak National Park is a national park area on the eastern coastline of Central Sumatra included in Ramsar Convention for international wetland conservation. The uniqueness of this national park lies on its wetland ecosystem which become one unity of swamp ecosystem, freshwater swamp ecosystem and coastline ecosystem.

This park is dominated by pandanaceae family, up to 10 species, even for Aracaceae has up to 27 species. By canoeing through the swamp river canal, we can enjoy the undisturbed wildlife on the river side and canopies. Up to 300 species of birds are living peacefully inside the park. Some exotic birds like, Wild duck (cairina scutulata), and all species of Raja Udang (alcenedenidae), and also 9 species of Rangkong (Bocerotidae).

Migrant birds up to thousands, which reside off their Siberian – Australian journey, especially during October – March season, really amaze any human being as you will find them blackening the coast horizons. Primates also dominates the canopies during your canoe traverse.

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