Bentang Waterfall Subang

Administratively, Bentang Waterfall located in Sanca Village, Ciater District, Subang Regency, West Java. The location is adjacent to Indigenous Village Banceuy also known as the Indigenous Village with one hundred ritual. Neither Bentang Waterfall and Indigenous Village Banceuy, equally unfamiliar when first looking for a reference guide. Actually, the location of Bentang Waterfall is still close to settlements.

This site are also not far from Mountain Tangkuban Perahu and culinary tour in Lembang. Subang Regency is one of the side-city of Bandung, and it’s only 52 km. It will be more exciting and fun if your drive with your family and friends since you can enjoy the tea plantation along the road. But you need more than a family car or city car since you will ride in steep and rocky path, an extreme road, to reach Curug Bentang. In the weekend there’s a lot offroad and motoadventure, riding the slippery, muddy and rocky path in the forest. To reach the site, from Subang you must drive to Banceuy Village, then Sanca Village.

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